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Gina Dortch - CEO

Gina Dortch - CEO

            Gina Dortch - CEO Box Top Buzz


Fearless Box Top Buzz leader Gina Dortch created the company from the ground up in March 2013. She loves working one-on-one with businesses, determining what sets them apart, and helping them to develop the best strategies for their ads.

Last year, the Charlotte Observer wrote a piece featuring Gina Dortch and Box Top Buzz (read the entire thing here!) They wrote:

“Though Dortch is now binging on “Entrepreneur on Fire” podcasts, she didn’t start her career with plans to run her own business. At age 19, she joined the U.S. Air Force, and then bounced from a mobile command post job with NATO to credit counseling and bartending in Los Angeles.
About eight years ago, she was a fan favorite on the short-lived FX reality show “Todd TV,” where the audience voted on everything in Todd’s life, from where he should work to who he should date (Enter: Dortch.)
She then got her master’s degree in elementary education and started teaching, only to realize that wasn’t her calling, either. But now, she said, she’s in her element, and she’s using her varied experience to benefit the businesses she works with.
For example, she also works with the pizzerias and businesses on their marketing strategies and how to develop their brand. Dortch said she asks advertisers, “What sets you apart? What are you doing to get your name out now? What works for you?”

Read more about Gina and Box Top Buzz here!




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